Use this simple worksheet and conduct a website audit. The worksheet will help determine which site pages you should work on first to begin optimizing your website for search. If you have too many tools in the kit, feeling a little overwhelmed, and unsure where to start first on your website, this is the worksheet for you. Request a copy of the free website audit worksheet today.

Otherwise if you’re the do-it-yourself (DIY) type person and want to optimize your website for search purposes, below is a list of 12 free tools used by many SEO professionals.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools – A source of research tools and resources, such as the Bing Getting Started Checklist, to help you improve your SEO on the Bing search engine
  2. Copyscape – A plagiarism detection service to make sure your content isn’t being used elsewhere on the web
  3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner – A way to learn what your customers are searching for, identify new keywords, and research keywords to add to your list
  4. Google Analytics – Obtain website data and analytics
  5. Google Trends – Search and identify trending topics to consider incorporating into your content
  6. Google Webmaster Tools – Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site
  7. Optimizely – provides tools to help you increase engagement, interactions, and conversions
  8. MozBar – A web browser extension that gives valuable insights and metrics about a website; yours or somebody else’s
  9. SEO ToolBar – This toolbar works on only Firefox and displays lots of useful SEO related information about the website you are on
  10. SEOquake – This tool provides useful data for every website displayed during a web search.
  11. XML Sitemaps – A free online sitemap generator that will index up to 500 pages for any one website
  12. Yoast for WordPress – This plug-in is a must for any WordPress website or blog


BONUS Tool: WordStream Free Graders – Some folks use these tools for SEO keywords purposes; however, most use the three graders to gain insight into pay-per-click (PPC) account performance


Please share in the comments which of these tools you use to meet your SEO needs.  If you have a favorite SEO tool not listed above, in the comments let me know what it is and why you love it so.


Oh! And don’t forget to request your free copy of the website audit worksheet too.

I pride myself in being a daughter of a mechanic. As a result, I like to know what happens “under the hood” in many aspects of life and work. One example of my tinkering has been with my website. The website has been a “pet project” or more affectionately – a labor of love. It’s how I cut my teeth so many years ago so that I could understand and learn to speak developer language. In fact, I use my website for the same purpose even today.


My latest endeavor occurred in January when I undertook migrating my website from one host server to a new one. I simply enjoy learning the basic ins & outs of what my development team does even if I never plan to fix or update each & every component or feature myself. No, the website isn’t perfect. No, I’m not a programmer. And no, I’m definitely not the person who will write the code for the next technical project you graciously award One Epiphany :-) .  Now that the focus of my business is evolving and I’m driving more traffic to the website, the purpose (and appearance) of my website will have to change to be representative of the quality of work I provide my clients.  But let’s leave that story for another blog post. Today I am sharing my adventures as a do-it-yourself small business owner; a role I’m sure many of we all take on from time to time…..and shouldn’t.


Now, I had been planning to change host servers for months! The task was never made a priority until I realized the migration was the roadblock (real or otherwise) for why I wasn’t ready to implement the very blog you are reading now as well as some other website updates you’ll see in the coming months. Well, when I make up my mind to do something, I want instant gratification, immediate results. So of course, this was no different. Although there were folks I could call and have the job done in a matter of hours, it was late on a Friday and it was unrealistic of me to think I could find someone to start a job right as the weekend was kicking off.  Even though I had never migrated a website to a new server before, I vowed I would do it myself and get it done before the weekend was out. I honestly expected the migration to take me – a “never ever” – a day, maybe 1.5 days at the most. Well, fast forward 3 days later and I finally got it done! It gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. I even went walking around to find somebody, anybody to celebrate my recent victory over the battle of the server migration. However no matter how victorious I felt, the experience was one of the most frustrating ones at best. Frustrating because….


  • it ate up an entire weekend plus a work day
  • not everyone from the hosting company considered customer service to be king
  • I wanted the bragging right of saying I did it all by myself
  • stubbornness prevented me from waiting a few more days for “done for me” assistance
  • if I had my developer do it, it would have been finished 3x faster


Thankfully for me, what I learned from the experience has helped me with a personal website project I started (& completed) just a couple of days ago. Even so, I don’t recommend you follow my lead of being that stubborn business owner. You know the one who is too proud to ask for help or too stingy with money to realize when something is an investment versus an expense. If I had to do it again, I would hire someone to do the migration for me and learn how to do it myself at another point in time. It takes up too much time and energy to learn a new skill set you don’t plan on using repeatedly.  Instead use your time on something more productive and preferably revenue generating.


Lessons learned:
  1. Do not try to learn something new when time is of the essence
  2. Do not let pride get in the way of efficient progress
  3. Do ask for help, even when you want to do it yourself


Keep an eye on future blog posts related to being a small business owner and my own company website refresh project. If you want to discuss your particular online marketing concern or would like me to elaborate on anything described in this post, schedule a “virtual coffee date” with me by clicking the button below.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Eason