Recently I was invited by Ms. Shaneil Stewart to be a guest on her Inspiring Ones TV Show, which is part of Miss Inspirer’s inspirational interview series. Given she is based in the UK and I am in the US, we met via Google Hangouts for ease of recording the actual interview. What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of her inaugural series! I will be sure to share the premier date of my episode with you once I learn of it.

Insights from One Epiphany CEO & Founder – Nerissa Marbury

Because I am sincerely excited about the series and think everyone could use a little inspiration and motivation from time to time, I decided to give you a deeper view of the leadership behind One Epiphany LLC (that’s me :-) ). The views below are responses I prepared based on a question Ms. Stewart posed before our actual interview day: What makes you an inspiring one. These views are not part of the video that is to come so rest assured you’ll receive even more juicy insight when the video is out. Enjoy!

  • Faith – Have faith. You are stronger than you realize. Learn lessons even during the most difficult of times.
  • Optimism – See the glass half full. Otherwise, what’s the point in trying?
  • Happiness – It’s not selfish or self-centered to focused on what makes you happy. It’s healthy.
  • Transparency – It’s not always good for people to know your stance, but it’s easier to be truthful and honest. In the end, people respect you for it.
  • Service-oriented – Be of service by doing what you love.
  • Travel – LOVE, love, love to travel. Get out and experience people, food, and cultures different than your own.
  • Risk – Step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is by an inch or by a mile, the courage to take the first step is the same.
  • Self – Love yourself! The good, the not so pleasant, and all that is in-between.

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New York, NY: One Epiphany LLC earned a Shorty Awards Honorable Mention for its contributions to the Hain Celestial’s Tyson’s Pro Tips® project in the category of “Best in Health and Fitness.” One Epiphany also received recognition in the Shorty Awards “Best in Family and Parenting” category for the company’s collaborative work on a campaign that promoted Ella’s Kitchen®, a premium organic baby food brand for Target.

Speaking of her role in building such vibrant and engaging campaigns for these notable products, Nerissa Marbury, Founder and CEO of One Epiphany, said, “It was great to take the digital production lead on two fun and creative projects, as well as work with a team as committed as those at ICED Media.”

Tyson's Pro Tips

Tyson’s Pro Tips®

The Tyson’s Pro Tips® campaign for Hain Celestial Group, Inc. cast NBA champion and Olympic gold medalist Tyson Chandler as a virtual personal coach for users of the online platform. Exercise and healthier eating were made relevant to a new generation of Millennial moms, caregivers and young athletes by effectively harnessing the real-time discussions taking place.

Results were driven mainly through earned media and garnered over 2 million earned impressions and a 5.6% organic project engagement rate.

Ella's Kitchen Farmacy

Ella’s Kitchen® Farmacy

The Ella’s Kitchen® campaign emphasized Target’s commitment to offering natural and organic products by promoting the brand’s made-for-Target exclusive products, including natural remedies for upset tummies.  Working with ICED Media, Ella’s Kitchen’s agency of record, One Epiphany helped create Ella’s Kitchen Farmacy, an engaging, informative digital experience designed to immerse visitors in a quest to customize their own Ella’s Kitchen® flavor from a vast array of organic ingredients.

More than one million engagements were earned through this innovative approach, which increased the brand’s share of voice by 34 percent within one month of the program launch.

About One Epiphany LLC

Founded in 2010 by Nerissa Marbury, One Epiphany LLC is a digital marketing firm specializing in online marketing strategies, website development, social media, and search engine optimization. The firm serves a diverse mix of clients in industries that include advertising, consumer products, entertainment, retail, beauty and travel, as well as the non-profit sector.

About Shorty Awards

Dubbed the Oscar and Tony of the twitterverse by The New York Times, Shorty Awards annually recognize communication excellence through social media.  The award program is now in its seventh year, and recipients are selected by members of the Real-Time Academy of Short-Form Arts and Sciences.   A who’s who of the entertainment, technology and communications worlds, Academy members include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington; actor and producer Nick Cannon; celebrity chef Luanne Calvert, and Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, among others.