Day 4 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

This is the final recap of the Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase and you won’t be disappointed. The speakers pull at your heartstrings, test your knowledge, and encourage you to look beyond your present circumstances and achieve more. Now on to the 16 speakers of day 4. Chelsea Charles 1/ Kicking off day 4 is Chelsea Charles. […]

Slide by Madi Waggoner has several questions on it. Questions on slide include how are you doing, how is ____ (family, friend, pet, plant, etc.), How are things going with work?, What are you finding most challenging? Where are you finding bottlenecks?, How am I a bottleneck for you?, What should I keep doing? What should I stop? What should I start?

Day 3 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

Before I start on Shine Bootcamp day 3 recap, a special thanks goes to Rick Perreault and Unbounce for sponsoring the Shine Bootcamp 2020 speaker packs. Unbounce was the only company to maintain its sponsorship after the pandemic was announced. And as a speaker of the first virtual Shine conference, your commitment was sincerely appreciated. […]

Day 2 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

Putting on your first LIVE virtual conference isn’t an easy feat. Kudos to Shine Bootcamp organizers and Charlene Kate Events for helping the Day 2 speakers power through like pros. Attend Day 3 and Day 4 or get replays for Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase. Below are the 16 speakers of #shinebootcamp day 2. Ximena Cordon […]

Slide from presentation by Christine Johnson

Day 1 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

Man oh man! Thought I’d be able to live tweet, but the Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase was jammed packed with outstanding topics & speakers. I didn’t want to miss anything. So instead, I put together a Shine Bootcamp day 1 recap in support of the speakers as well as to review all the cool learnings […]

Lighthouse 6.0 has been released!

In May 2020, Google released Lighthouse 6.0. If you’re unfamiliar with the tool, Lighthouse is an automated website auditing tool used by SEOs, developers, and UX designers. It helps people like me with opportunities and diagnostics to improve the user experience of our client sites. Lighthouse powers many Google services, including and PageSpeed Insights. You’ll also find it […]

5 Circles displaying Light House Report Summary

March 2018 Month in Review

March 2018 – MONTH IN REVIEW

There’s a tendency to not be mindful of the achievements and blessings that come along because one believes X, Y, or Z is not significant or big enough to make a fuss about. Therefore, Nerissa Marbury of One Epiphany LLC is creating a safe space each month for you to celebrate your accomplishments (big, tiny, […]