There’s a tendency to not be mindful of the achievements and blessings that come along because one believes X, Y, or Z is not significant or big enough to make a fuss about. Therefore, Nerissa Marbury of One Epiphany LLC is creating a safe space each month for you to celebrate your accomplishments (big, tiny, and in-between) as she share hers and ours with you. Let the good vibes roll.

Month In Review Highlights: March 2018

Silhouette of a women who represents the many users of Blockchain For Change

It’s a wonderful feeling to have your “digital child” introduced to the world.

On March 11th, we went live on the Google Play Store with the Beta version of Fummi officially launched in partnership with Part Of The Solution (POTS).

Fummi is offered by Blockchain For Change, Inc. and is a secure mobile application where people can easily connect with service providers to access services such as housing, food, and financial services. One Epiphany has had the honor of directing and managing the teams developing the Android application and web-based administrative portal.

NOTE – Fummi is currently in beta test mode with select Service Providers and Users. Please contact to request more information.

U-Michigan logo | Month in Review - March 2018

Michigan Wolverines!!

The University of Michigan made it to the 2018 NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Frozen Four and the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four! And let me not forget to mention, we are going to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, baby!

Need I say more?

Augmate logo | Month in Review - March 2018

We got the business!

One Epiphany has added Augmate Corporation to its client roster effective April 2018 and will provide project management services for three of Augmate’s key technology products.

Augmate develops an enterprise-level wearable and IoT device management platform for industrial smart eyewear applications for desk-less workers. It enables businesses to evaluate, validate, pilot, and scale wearable technology in workplace environments. The company’s cloud-based application platform is used for applications in agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction, manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in New York City, New York.

Look for similar posts in the months to come as One Epiphany works to reestablish its blog presence. We can’t wait to share more with you as we move further into into 2018.

There’s a tendency to not be mindful of the achievements and blessings that come along because one believes X, Y, or Z is not significant or big enough to make a fuss about. Therefore, Nerissa Marbury of One Epiphany LLC is creating a safe space each month for you to celebrate your accomplishments (big, tiny, and in-between) as she share hers and ours with you. Let the good vibes roll.

Below are the January 2018 highlights for our first month in review:

Google "G" LogoThe first step was taken in getting the agency to Google Adwords Partner status by Nerissa Marbury, CEO & Founder of One Epiphany LLC, becoming Google Adwords certified herself. Over the years One Epiphany has relied on help from our strategic partners to offer online advertising and pay per click type services. With the recently earned Google Analytics and Good Adwords certifications, One Epiphany is better able to position itself to take on projects in-house as well as leverage its skilled strategic partners to help the company scale and grow.

Nerissa Marbury skiing at Keystone | Month in Review - January 2018

As an avid skier, who hasn’t skied as much she would have liked in recent ski seasons, it was great to get two ski trips in during the month of January. It was wonderful spending time with ski family and making new friends. As a bonus, by spending a few weeks in the northwest U.S., I was able to visit with family and friends I don’t interact with as often as I’d like.

University of Michigan Black Alumni logo

Nerissa Marbury was appointed Marketing Co-Director of the University of Michigan Black Alumni organization. Looking forward to putting my 15+ years of online communication, digital marketing and project management experiences to work for my alma mater.

This is the first of many similar posts to come as One Epiphany works to reestablish its blog presence. We are excited to share more posts as we move forward into 2018.

Recently I was invited by Ms. Shaneil Stewart to be a guest on her Inspiring Ones TV Show, which is part of Miss Inspirer’s inspirational interview series. Given she is based in the UK and I am in the US, we met via Google Hangouts for ease of recording the actual interview. What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of her inaugural series! I will be sure to share the premier date of my episode with you once I learn of it.

Insights from One Epiphany CEO & Founder – Nerissa Marbury

Because I am sincerely excited about the series and think everyone could use a little inspiration and motivation from time to time, I decided to give you a deeper view of the leadership behind One Epiphany LLC (that’s me :-) ). The views below are responses I prepared based on a question Ms. Stewart posed before our actual interview day: What makes you an inspiring one. These views are not part of the video that is to come so rest assured you’ll receive even more juicy insight when the video is out. Enjoy!

  • Faith – Have faith. You are stronger than you realize. Learn lessons even during the most difficult of times.
  • Optimism – See the glass half full. Otherwise, what’s the point in trying?
  • Happiness – It’s not selfish or self-centered to focused on what makes you happy. It’s healthy.
  • Transparency – It’s not always good for people to know your stance, but it’s easier to be truthful and honest. In the end, people respect you for it.
  • Service-oriented – Be of service by doing what you love.
  • Travel – LOVE, love, love to travel. Get out and experience people, food, and cultures different than your own.
  • Risk – Step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is by an inch or by a mile, the courage to take the first step is the same.
  • Self – Love yourself! The good, the not so pleasant, and all that is in-between.

Smiles & Blessings,


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Nerissa was instrumental in the successful implementation of a time tracking system across 75 Creative Associates and contractors. She built relationships and effectively partnered with IT to create a tool that would meet all of the business requirements. She also created Training materials that made the tool easy to understand. I continue to be impressed by Nerissa’s eye for detail, know-how and dedication to her work. If ever given the opportunity again – it would be my pleasure to work with Nerissa again. I highly recommend her.

I had no hesitations about working with you. If I’m going to put my business into someone else’s  hands I definitely want that person to present themselves in the manner in which you do. Professional, confident, knowledgeable, dedicated and good persistent work ethics.  I like the fact you are committed to providing your clients with excellence and an unwavering commitment.  You are not too afraid to say that something is out of your area of expertise and have a competent network of professionals to assist you, if needed.  Overall Nerissa is a pleasure to work with she makes you feel relaxed and confident in her abilities. She does not lord her expertise or knowledge over her clients. She has strong determination and along with her confidence you know you have made the right choice.

The work that Nerissa and I did was of the highest quality for Converse. The digital activation that we created over the holiday season was one that not only allowed consumers to find exactly the products they were looking for but provided Converse a solid footing and foundation to build later iterations of their commerce platform. It was with Nerissa’s diligence and entrepreneurial spirit that our Converse client was able to find exactly the results they were looking for from our digital team. I look forward to more opportunities to working with Nerissa.

Nerissa is a true delight to work with. Not only is she a quick study, but absolutely no detail escapes her. Period.

In the short time we worked together at Capital One, I was impressed with Nerissa’s ability to jump into almost any situation and figure out a solution on the spot. She has an incredible ability to think on her feet and problem-solve on demand.

If I could choose a project manager for any job I have, Nerissa would always be my first choice. Without question.

Even though I was your first music client, you did your research to help expand my brand in that field and learned new avenues to market through. You were able to get out of town DJs playing Adina Nyree, which helped to expand our market base outside of the NY metro area.  You also were much better at maintaining my social media presence than I could ever hope to.  I’d recommend you to anyone. No hesitations.  They should know you’re excellent at what you do! Your proficiency and efficacy in brand marketing and PR are invaluable.

[Nerissa] is a dedicated, ambitious and result driven leader who is highly organized. Her experience and expertise can be an example for everyone. Nerissa is probably one of the best project managers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

I enjoyed working with Nerissa and her team. All the programs that I managed for them had very clear goals, and objectives and they always provided the support we needed to delivery those goals. Nerissa stands out in her organization as a strong, organized leader who truly works together with service providers to develop partnerships.