Nerissa is a thorough and detail-oriented producer with a level head and good people skills. She is able to run projects independently, but also knows when to escalate up. She always has her work done on time, and is very considerate of other people’s time. Great resource and budget management!

Nerissa is a thoughtful individual with a passion to get the job done, and help herself and others improve. She works hard, always has her sense of humor handy, and is a pleasure to work with.

Nerissa is an extremely hard worker. She is very focused on doing the best job possible and is always looking at new and better ways to accomplish her goals.

Nerissa is someone that can be depended on to work in a virtual assignment. It was her efforts that made my job enjoyable and easier to get done.

Nerissa has an unmatched work ethic and sense of purpose that is evident in her work.