Nerissa Marbury, CFA, PMP, MS

Founder & CEO of One Epiphany LLC

Nerissa Marbury, CFA, PMP, MS

Founder & CEO

One Epiphany LLC

Nerissa Marbury is the Founder & CEO of One Epiphany LLC. She helps her clients amplify and share their message, so they can connect with their ideal clients and grow their business (with less stress). She’s also a regular speaker at digital marketing events, where she shares her 20+ years of digital marketing and operations experience. 

Nerissa leads 7-figure engagements and works with business leaders and government officials from around the globe. She delights in engaging with people, cultures, and experiences that expand her perspective and keeps her mind open to unfamiliar ideas. Nerissa’s global travels help her discover marketing differences, similarities, best practices, and challenges across countries and continents for the tourism and hospitality industries. Her years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketer, and project management professional provide a wealth of knowledge and insights to better advise her clients no matter the business challenge. 

Nerissa loves to travel and has only two oceans and one continent left to explore. When she’s not traveling, or thinking about traveling, she enjoys good wine and good food. If you’re ever in a conversation with Nerissa, be sure to ask her about skiing.

Nerissa is an award-winning digital marketer and holds the following degrees and certifications:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance – University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • Master’s of Science, Creative Brand Management – Brandcenter at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Project Management Professional – Project Management Institute
  • Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA Institute
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps Instructor
  • Digital Sales – Google
  • Analytics Individual Qualification – Google
  • Ads Search – Google
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp
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