Social media helps businesses rank higher in Google and other search engines organically.  Boring and stagnant website content combined with an inactive or inappropriate social media presence will eventually hurt you.

Our social media services encompass anything from social media strategy development and hash tag research to influencer engagement and community management.  We write personalized pieces that deliver your business’ brand voice. We grow and engage your social media audience. We raise your search rank through organic SEO.

Our social team is skilled in both social media and community management.  Community managers are often the public face of brands, interacting with the community and generating buzz for our clients. Social Media Managers are strategists and communicators, with the ability to measure and analyze effectiveness.  If you are a business owner who prefers to do a lot of your own posts, we would be happy to work alongside you and your team and blend our voice accordingly.

One Epiphany keeps your company active and engaged online.

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