Day 1 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

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Man oh man! Thought I’d be able to live tweet, but the Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase was jammed packed with outstanding topics & speakers. I didn’t want to miss anything. So instead, I put together a Shine Bootcamp day 1 recap in support of the speakers as well as to review all the cool learnings from the day.

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Now on to the 15 speakers from day 1……

Maya Moufarek

1/ Kicking off day 1 was Maya Moufarek. As a marketer, her talk on The magic & the logic of brands reminded me of what I needed to share to the small business owner side of me. While at the same time speaking to start-up and enterprise businesses as well.

Slide from presentation by Maya Moufarek

Ange Friesen

2/ “Close Your Eyes.” Was when I realized Ange Friesen has much to say that I needed to listen to and hear. Her talk on Brand Therapy was so captivating, I forgot to get more screen grabs!

Slide from presentation by Ange Friesen

Lucy Heskins

3/ Want to learn a little something new about start-up marketing and have a good chuckle while you do? Be sure to watch the replay of Lucy Heskins talk on 3 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know Before Joining a Startup.

Slide from presentation by Lucy Heskins

Jillian Wood

4/ First insightful tidbit from Jillian Wood was “No BoFu? You’re missing out on ready buyers.” Her take on why to start at the bottom of the funnel was a refreshing perspective. She knows how to make you hungry for more of her marketing tips! Be sure to view How To Create A Perfectly Balanced B2B SaaS Content Strategy.

Slide from presentation by Jillian Wood

Natasha Samuel

5/ Loved the energy and the topic presented by Natasha Samuel! She was engaging and sought out interaction from the audience. If you want to know more about Instagram, she is the source. Don’t believe me? View Overcome Your Video Fear To Shine on Instagram.

Slide from presentation by Natasha Samuel

Ameet Khabra

6/ Straight out the gate Ameet Khabra let us know the little things matter when working with a PPC agency. With a big smile and friendly demeanor, she lets you know when it might be wise to switch to a more effective agency during her talk on Red Flags! Getting Your ROI’s Worth: Conversion Tracking Errors by Agencies To Look Out For.

Slide from presentation by Ameet Khabra

Anita Chauhan

7/ The Anita Chauhan quote below really resonated with me. Brands have lost me due to this very thing something I call being a “forgotten customer”. Much more is shared for you to learn when watching Anita’s talk on The Urgency of Inclusive Marketing. Check it out.

Slide from presentation by Anita Chauhan

Lauren Archibald

8/ Now Lauren Archibald spoke about sustainability and how to see it beyond what you might receive in a standard report. She shares lots of good examples with the attendees as well as some straight to the point call-to-actions for customers and brands alike. Take a look at Nobody Reads Your Reports. How to Bring Sustainability Initiatives to Life.

Slide from presentation by Lauren Archibald

Tracy Montour

9/ Celebrating a milestone birthday was Tracy Montour. She had quite a few one-liners and hard-hitters to share with the attendees. If you want to connect with her, the best place to do so is on LinkedIn.

Slide from presentation by Tracy Montour

Tara Clark

10/ Want to figure out how to make some non-sexy businesses, industries, or topics be UNboring? Tara Clark walks threw a few examples to show you the way during her talk on Beat the Boring: Why No Industry is Too “Dull” for Social Media

Slide from presentation by Tara Clark

Schekina Israel

11/ Schekina Israel is not on Twitter, but can be found on Instagram and LinkedIn. Shekina shared a great example with the showcase attendees about context in action. In Context Matters: How Context Cues Affect Advertising Efficiency, she shows the opportunity a newcomer could take when a well-established brand fails to do so. 

Slide from presentation by Schekina Israel

Rachael Wolber

12/ It wasn’t the plan, but I missed the Your donors are dying: Expanding your supporter base to raise more $ and save the world talk by Rachael Wolber. The replay will be watched! Gaining tips to update marketing strategy for donors is ideal due to my nonprofit board member positions.

Slide from presentation by Rachael Wolber

Christine Johnson

13/ The next speaker Christine Johnson walked us through a challenge & how she solved for it in The forgotten fundamentals of marketing strategy. Let me just say those email open & click through rates for her marketing campaign were amazing. Who said email is dead?

Slide from presentation by Christine Johnson

Kim Kiel

14/ Those who know me off of LinkedIn know I love a good recipe and story. Well little did I know I would get both with Kim Kiel, a phenomenal storyteller. She offered “Sally level” sales copywriting tips and tricks you won’t want to miss.

Slide from presentation by Kim Kiel

Emma Siemasko

15/ If you’ve ever written a case study you know it takes time. Lots of time. You also know case studies help generate revenue. Emma Siemasko gave an awesome talk on how to create case studies more easily and different ways to present / share your success story.

Slide from presentation by Emma Siemasko

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