Day 2 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

Putting on your first LIVE virtual conference isn’t an easy feat. Kudos to Shine Bootcamp organizers and Charlene Kate Events for helping the Day 2 speakers power through like pros. Attend Day 3 and Day 4 or get replays for Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase.

Below are the 16 speakers of #shinebootcamp day 2.

Ximena Cordon

1/ The first Shine Bootcamp speaker Ximena Cordon shared her love of technology and shared how digital transformation is more about community than products during her talk on Adopt, Adapt, or Ignore: What Will You Do? Must watch even for the non-techy. 

Screen shot of virtual presentation on technology by Ximena Cordon. Image includes 4 October 2020 tweet by @Caitzooo on cashless society and its negative impact to the homeless.

Angela Wallace

2/ Coming up next is Angela Wallace. She wants us to reconcile the dynamic tension of purpose to make capitalism conscious. When watching 3 Pitfalls of Purpose Driven Business you’ll think more deeply about your own pursuit of purpose.

Screen shot of virtual presentation on purpose driven business by Angela Wallace. "Planet People Profit" is on the left side. A quote by Nick Craig, author, is on the right side.

Adriana Romero

3/ When it comes to overcoming fear there is never a good time to start. However Adriana Romero gives you a step-by-step approach to get you on your way during her Start Here – Losing the fear of the first step. This practical guide will help you embrace change with deliberate practice.

Slide from virtual presentation on moving past fear by Adriana Romero. Slide says "04 Deliberate Practice" at top with three bullets underneath "mindful of your thoughts and actions, room for forgiveness, and time"

Saschie MacLean-Magbanua

4/ In Collecting Stardust, Saschie MacLean-Magbanua encourages you to recognize your ability to shine bright and be intentional about who and what you allow in your life. Key takeaways 1. follow the “yesses” and 2. dance exclusively to Beyonce songs to channel your inner Sasha Fierce.

Screenshot from virtual presentation by Saschie MacLean-Magbanua. Slide says "If you pay attention, you can see the stardust shine with the potential of what your life could be"

Nerissa Marbury

5/ It’s yours truly at the mic. Nerissa Marbury educates the audience on Invisible Traveler who is frequently ignored by the outdoor and adventure industry. To solve for this problem, she stresses the importance of getting the RNA into the DNA of tourism marketing.

Slide from Shine Bootcamp talk delivered on 7 October 2020 by Nerissa Marbury. Slide headline "Get RNA into the DNA". There are three icons first represents "Recognize", second represents "Normalize", and last represents "Accept.

Goz Odediran

6/ Goz Odediran speaks on A Mom-Lawyer’s Perspective on Moving Past Shattered Dreams To Advocating for a Child with Disability. She stresses the importance of being an advocate and educating yourself on entitlement and anti-discrimination laws and your school system’s resources.

Slide from presentation on advocating for children with disabilities by Goz Odediran. Slide says "Advocate for your child from day 1".

Andrea Merkl

7/ Andrea Merkl wows you with her #shinebootcamp talk as the focus was 100% on her – no slides. Andrea walks you through the three lessons to help heal self-betrayal. Lessons gained from an unsuspected source – The gift of infidelity.

Photo of Andrea Merkl taken during her Shine Bootcamp talk on 7 October 2020.

Susan Staupe

8/ Want to get some insight on what to think about when hiring a digital marketing professional? The Red Flags & Black Hats: How To Hire A Legitimate Digital Marketing Partner talk by Susan Staupe offers tips on what to avoid.

Slide from presentation by Susan Staupe on digital marketing. Slide says "3 How do I really choose a digital marketing partner I can trust?"

Tiffany Yu

9/ Tiffany Yu brings a twist to optimism when speaking on The Problem with Positivity. She helps you realize it’s okay to honor your emotions instead of hiding your true feelings. She teaches toxic positivity is a thing and tells you all about.

Slide by Tiffany Yu on toxic positivity. Slide says "What does toxic positivity look like?" Five bullets "- Hiding my true feelings, -Trying to 'just get over it', -Feeling guilty/judgement, -'It could be worse', and -'it is what it is' "

Keisha Frazier

10/ Stillness. Intuition. Fight. Trust. Keisha Frazier surprisingly turns a conference talk into a 1-on-1 coaching session between you and her during Intuition is the Key to Business Success. Her smoothing voice and techniques shared drives home the point that there is more to success than the basic belief of hustle and grind.

Title slide from talk given by Keisha Frazier. Slide says "Intuition as the key to business success"

Jessalin Lam

11/ Jessalin Lam speaks about the value in being a life-long learner. She shares how to apply transferrable skills to create career opportunities as well as teach what you know to others to solidify what you learned yourself. Watch and share with Jessalin on Twitter your learning takeaways from Enrich Your Life: The Power of a Lifelong Learner Mindset.

Slide by Jessalin Lam. Slide says "Develop growth mindset" on the left side. On the right side, there is an illustration with a brain representing "growth mindset". Surrounding the brain are words including "opportunity, find out, feedback, worthwhile, lesson, and admiration."

Derby Chukwudi

12/ In Rewriting the Narrative: The Art of Revolutionizing Your Approach to Reading, Derby Chukwudi has a personality that comes through the screen as she shares her passion for reading. It makes you remember the joy & magic books offer especially when reading for pleasure.

Slide by Derby Chukwudi. Slide says "Initiation, Selection, Iteration" on the left side. On the right side of the slide it says "The New Normal Reading Approach".

Star Dormanesh

13/ Shout out to Star Dormanesh, a fellow PMP. In Build Relationships, Not Projects, so many gems were shared on why communication is key when it comes to building and nurturing business relationships. This project manager focuses on human connections and it makes all the difference.

"Rescue Project Manager" slide by Star Dormanesh. Includes image of Star wearing wonder woman headdress with her arm around a female client.

Sara Hurtado

14/ Sara Hurtado shares a variety of methods to help battle resistance you have in your life due to fear or anxiety. During Why is it so important to connect through ideas? she guides you on how to open opportunities by sharing your passion with the world and talk about your ideas on the Internet.

Image of light house with text that says"Be the lighthouse for likeminded people". This is a slide by Sara Hurtado.

Paige Recker

15/ Through personal stories, Paige Recker shares the diverse power behind handwritten notes in Powerful beyond words: My story of gratitude and loss through handwritten notes. It’s amazing how just a little acknowledgement or gratitude can go a long way. 

Screenshot from talk by Paige Recker. Image includes several pieces of personal mail and a thumbnail image of Paige at the lower far left corner.

Teresa “Terri” Dickson

16/ In The Intrepid Traveller’s Guide to Financial Planning, Teresa “Terri” Dickson uses travel (a passion of mine) as a creative metaphor to explain the 5Ws of financial planning. Terri was able to combine my first profession – finance – with mentions of wine and travel. Good job & way to wrap up day 2!

Title slide from "The Intrepid Traveller's Guide to Financial Planning". A talk given by Teresa "Terri" Dickson. Image is an illustration of overstuffed suitcase with travel stickers, travel hat, and more coming out of it.

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