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Before I start on Shine Bootcamp day 3 recap, a special thanks goes to Rick Perreault and Unbounce for sponsoring the Shine Bootcamp 2020 speaker packs. Unbounce was the only company to maintain its sponsorship after the pandemic was announced. And as a speaker of the first virtual Shine conference, your commitment was sincerely appreciated.

Now on to the 15 speakers of day 3.

Kay Fabella

1/ Kay Fabella kicked off day 3 with a bang with her talk Breaking Boxes and Biases: From Identity to Inclusion. As she breaks down the barriers that come with racial boxes, she teaches you how boxes can be harmful when basing ideas on sweeping assumptions instead of embracing subtlety and nuance.

Slide by Kay Fabella. Left side says "01. Understand your whole self". Right side shows a stick figure person with hand drawn arrows pointing to it. At the start of of each arrow is a word. Words include class, race, language, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexuality, education.

Loes Jaber

2/ Loes Jaber speaks on the often misunderstood aspects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in women in ADHD in Women: from Survival to Thrival. She shares symptoms (depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, impulsivity) and her own diagnosis through personal stories. Her focus is not only to survive, but to thrive.

Title slide "ADHD in Women" talk by Loes Jaber.

Pegah Abdolhosseini

3/ With hundreds of partnerships established, Pegah Abdolhosseini has nerves of steel when it comes to contracts and negotiation and wants to help you Take the nerves out of negotiating too. She puts negotiating tips and steps into a nice & easy to understand package so you can become a confident watermelon too.

Slide from negotiations talk by Pegah Abdolhosseini. Slide asks "Which one are you?" Then show the "under confident" banana (represents 33% of successful negotiators), "neutral" peach (represents 16% of successful negotiators), and "very confident" watermelon (represents 62% of successful negotiators).

Maria Tribble

4/ Maria Tribble walks you through the reasons why there are so few women in tech sales. After all, women do build trust and nurture business relationships better. It is not fully a supply issue. There is a retention problem and so much more. Learn more in Unpacking Why There Are So Few Women in Tech Sales and How to Change That.

Slide from talk by Maria Tribble. It shows 8 women with the words "Faces of Real Women in Sales".

Nancy Wood

5/ Nancy Wood says an employee’s experience is shaped by technology, culture, & physical space. In Out of Sight, NOT Out of Mind: Shaping Employee Experience Through Physical Workspaces in a Remote World, she shares how physical space has the ability to motivate, desire, & innovate even in a remote work environment. This is a must watch for every manager, HR person, & business owner!

Slide by Nancy Wood. It says "Embrace variability as a strategic advantage."

Iqra Shaikh

6/ Iqra Shaikh lets us know women have waited long enough. Equality Can’t Wait: The Radical Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Women’s Careers is happening now. She expresses an urgent need to recognize and stop the regression before long-lasting damage is done.

Slide by Iqra Shaikh on covid-19's regressive impact. Slide says "Women make up 39% of global employment, but account for 54% of overall job losses." and "Women's jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to this crisis than men's jobs."

Hima Batavia

7/ Hima Batavia draws you in when presenting Redesigning our culture for collective healing and liberation. You simply want to focus on her words and listen. Although 2020 equates to one giant traumatic experience, she shows how instead of closing off, we opened up and the importance behind it.

Screenshot from virtual presentation with Hima Batavia in lower left corner speaking.  Screenshot includes photo of Hima Batavia sitting crossed legged meditating across from a buddha statue.

Faria Chaudhry

8/ In No Tokens Here: Proactively Build an Inclusive Workplace and Product, Faria Chaudhry shares how across the tech industry, there are engaged and aware workers who bring their ethics into the office and expect their employers to do the same. However more is needed than employee activism plus well-intentioned leadership to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology industry. 

Slide from talk by Faria Chaudhry. Slide says "As a tech leader, it's your job to meet this moment."

Collen Tartow

9/ Colleen Tartow believes #diversity in engineering leadership leads to more innovation, more revenue, and better products. A key point she shares in Data, Diversity, and Culture: How to Build Great Engineering Teams is you can’t pick the best candidate if you don’t first establish a diverse pipeline of candidates. Mind blown.

Slide by Colleen Tartow. On left side text states innovation, complexity, market fit. On right side is a line graph showing how the 3 words build on top of one another as diversity (Y-axis) increases.

Alex Oh

10/ Alex Oh says to trust your body. It feels the tension before your mind knows there is a problem. Let it be a guide so you can become a human being & not a human doing. In Hole-in-One: Power of Connection, she demonstrates how when you show up for yourself, others will show up for you.

Slide by Alex Oh. Image of three circles embedded onto one another. Outermost circle says "me". Middle circle says "we". Innermost circle says "us".

Madi Waggoner

11/ Some companies believe a remote workforce will only create problems, while others don’t. In Out of the Office: Creating Connection While Remote Madi Waggoner wants us to consider “what if remote work isn’t the problem, it’s exposing it. She shares three vital steps we all should take when seeking connection from afar. 

Slide by Madi Waggoner has several questions on it. Questions on slide include how are you doing, how is ____ (family, friend, pet, plant, etc.), How are things going with work?, What are you finding most challenging? Where are you finding bottlenecks?, How am I a bottleneck for you?, What should I keep doing? What should I stop? What should I start?

Keisha Mistry

12/ What they don’t Tell You about Starting Your Career is a well presented, need-to-know guide by Keisha Mistry on what a recent grad should know before heading out into the workforce. She helps you look out for yourself & your rights while stopping you from ever wondering, why didn’t anybody tell me?

Title slide of "What They Don't Tell You About When Beginning Your Career" talk by Keisha Mistry.

Olivia Tait

13/ In The Leadership Equation, Olivia Tait shows you what makes a #technical #leader great & where to find them. Great tech #leaders walk, the walk and are capable of building dedicated teams & developing #innovative solutions. So, when you find one, keep’em!

Slide by Olivia Tait says "So where are the great technical leaders?" on left side. One right side is a circular graphic that says what the leaders are doing such as supporting their team, working, solving problems, in the community.

Aji Oliyide

14/ Aji Oliyide speaks on ways program managers can lean into post-reorganization planning & utilize their expertise to help bring “order to chaos”. Might be biased, but I say “Yes, PMO-s , PMP-s, & PMs for the win at getting things done!” So check out From Agents of Change to Leaders of Stability: How to Utilize Your Program Management Office (PMO) to Lead a Successful Corporate Reorganization.

Slide by Aji Oliyide. Slide states reasons "Why do organizations reorg?". Reasons include "increase velocity of execution, improve strategic clarity and focus, improve scalability of impact, better leverage resources (e.g., people), be more nimble in the market"

Yirssi Bergman

15/ Yirssi Bergman stresses The Time for Reparations is Now in her fact full, eye opening talk. You thought you knew some things on the topic, but I promise, you’ll learn something new. She’ll define reparations, discuss how reparations are gaining momentum in the United States, and delineate what steps people can take in advancing the fight for reparations.

Photo of Yirssi Bergman from 7 October 2020 Shine Bootcamp talk.

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