Day 4 Recap: Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase

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This is the final recap of the Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase and you won’t be disappointed. The speakers pull at your heartstrings, test your knowledge, and encourage you to look beyond your present circumstances and achieve more.

Now on to the 16 speakers of day 4.

Chelsea Charles

1/ Kicking off day 4 is Chelsea Charles. She shares how growth is a journey and not a destination for those working in STEM careers. Your job is not the only resource to help you grow professionally. She encourages you to take responsibility of your own professional development and prioritize it for yourself instead of expecting your job to do it for you.

Presentation slide. An image of a woman touching a digital touch screen device where she can move things around.

Taylor Kim

2/ Taylor Kim naturally weaves personal stories with solid career advice that every person could benefit from. When it comes to applying real life lessons to your career she says, “Gotta go to know” and be ready for the unexpected. Even if you end up in the wrong place, it’s not a huge failure. You now know you must go someplace else.

Slide split into two. Image of blue lake water and blue skies on left side. On right side is text that says "In what unlikely place will you find the best career advice?"

Tawanna Smith

3/ Tawanna Smith shares a touching story about courage. She describes disconnecting from a toxic environment for the betterment and safety of her children. Although her focus is on other mothers, her message is for everyone – do not forget how valuable you are to yourself. You are fierce!

Title slide says "Overcoming Adversity: A Fierce Mother's Journey by Tawanna Smith"

Sarah Newman

4/ Although she currently teaches on the college level, Sarah Newman offers some key lessons learned while working early in her career when she was waiting tables. A couple of tips shared include showing up from a place of humility and compassion and the superpower of a smile. She motivates you to appreciate nonlinear career paths and the lessons or experiences they bring.

Illustration hand drawn like a child created it. Left side is a menu. Right side is a person dressed like a waiter with arm stretched out pointing to the menu on the left side.
1. Pizza Bagel
2. Peanut Butter Jelly
Milk Water "

Lily Konings

5/ Lily Konings tells you straight, no chaser that an output doesn’t equate to an outcome. For example, if you’re a pro tennis player can focus so much on outputs (tennis – hitting the ball) versus focusing on the desired outcome (winning a championship). The real work project shared are interesting and eye-opening. You’ll start looking at your own projects and questioning if you’re too focused on the outputs and not focused enough on the outcomes.

"Good design is invisible" in big black letters

Laísa Barros

6/ Laísa Barros says creativity is about your own idea, your vulnerability, and how well you are at expressing your ideas (i.e., imagination). Using this definition, she then applies it to life. One gem of an insight was shared using social media as an analogy. Stop and watch the replay of this talk and learn how to appreciate the moment.

Presentation slide split into two parts. On left side is an image of a spiral notebook with a list on it. On the right side is typed text version of the checklist that is handwritten on the left side in the image. The text says:
Secret Dreams
(check mark) Have a piano
(crossed out) Always get good grades
(crossed out) Pass the vestibular
(crossed out) Never fail in class
(unchecked box) Never give up in a dream
(unchecked box) Continue being joyful
(unchecked box) Always be myself
(check mark) Have painting classes

Jami Geter

7/ Jami Geter shares how you go from unsatisfied to getting to the next step in your career. It all starts with open ended questions – how, what, when, who. During her talk she shares a few key questions that will open up doors. Great career advice.

Slide with "03" on left side and a talk bubble on the right side that says "What am I not asking you that I should?"

Jessica Van Kline

8/ Jessica Van Kline dropped so much knowledge on how to maximize quick career pivots to actualize your purpose. Although her talk was targeted toward people with children, the gems dropped are useful for the favorite aunts & uncles too. One of my faves was “Have people tap into their own tanks instead of draining yours.”

Slide presented during talk by Jessica Van Kline. It says:
Intentional Development
Thoughtful selection - consider more than salary. Choose growth!
12-18 Month Commitment - Master skills and move forward!

Karina Gonzales

9/ Karina Gonzales shows you how technology can make education for those with special needs more accessible. She walks you through a digital game that can be tailored to meet the skills and needs of each person with a cognitive disability. This community can be very tech savvy and repetition is very important in learning process which makes digital games are good for learning.

Slide by Karina Gonzales that shows a status dashboard of features related to a digital game.

Annika Lewis

10/ The talk by Annika Lewis was detailed, but extremely easy to understand. She believes most organizations today are still far from using data to its full potential. That’s why everyone should be a data person and she explains quite convincingly in her talk.

Text slide with two columns of phrases with an arrow pointing towards the right between each phrase. 
Siloed documentation -> Metadata for all
Broken Telephone -> Cross-team collaboration
Ambiguous accountability -> Each team accountable

Marijana Miric

11/ Fake it until you make it can only take you so far. Marijana Miric will help you strengthen your sales techniques regardless of the industry you work in. She want you to embrace your unique take on sales and find a way to connect with others while remaining true to yourself.

Image of two hand shape word clouds reaching towards one another from the left and right sides of the slide. Biggest words visible on the left hand are empathy, present, connect, giving, compassionate. Biggest words visible on the right hand are I hear you, listening, compassion, feelings, communication.

Heather-Mae Pusztai

12/ Grieving is hard and Heather-Mae Pusztai lets you know grief doesn’t discriminate whether you have lost a loved one in death, in relationship, or other situation. She will help you equip yourself to handle the big and the small losses and support your team in work environments to feel empowered.

Slide by Heather-Mae Pusztai. It's split into two parts. Left side says "It's ok to not be ok." Right side says, "Acknowledge the Grief."

Meghan Lazier

13/ For Meghan Lazier, “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’s going to something fabulous” became the mantra and rally call of her career. No matter the stage of your career it’s okay to take an intentional pause and reassess. Her talk encourages you to give yourself the freedom to explore, relax, think, and take risks.

Slide by Meghan Lazier that says "Plan for the lifestyle you want."

Ceora Ford

14/ Ceora Ford passionately expresses (pun intended) how passion shouldn’t be a focal point when it comes to choosing a career or selecting a new hire. Passion as a requirement causes unnecessary stress and unnecessarily excludes people.

Slide presented during talk by Ceora Ford. It says, "Passion is essential"- a Myth.

Bridgette Smith

15/ Like so many of us, Bridgette Smith admits imposter syndrome held her way back until she decided to make a change. This motivation and instructional talk provides you with practical and actionable advice to help you break pass and stop limiting your own opportunities.

Slide presented during a talk by Bridgette Smith. It is an image of a napkin with a hand drawn ven diagram. One circle says "Making something look 'easy' " other circle says "Discounting its value". Where the two circles overlap is shaded in with an arrow pointing to it that says "The Imposter Syndrome"

Ezenwanyi Abii

16/ Ezenwanyi Abii is passionate about helping others find their spark and shine through. She challenges you to identify what excites you and pulls you in. And pushes even further by asking if it fulfills you why not just try it now? Why do you have to wait until a later date for self-actualization? Simple dare to be.

Slide presented during talk by Ezenwanyi Abii. Slide has a Kurt Vonnegut quote, "Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, 'It might have been."

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