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The information shared in this post was originally written April 18, 2019 when Nerissa Marbury submitted to a HARO request. However, her words and knowledge were not shared with the masses until June 2020.

Links are earned, not bought

First and foremost, any SEO agency worth a grain of salt takes a white hat approach to building links. This means links are earned and not bought. Earning links is at times a slow process, yet it is much more effective in the long-run. The more high-quality domains linking to your website the better. Below are five additional action steps to ensure backlink success.

Create Content

Write great content that offers value to your intended audience.

Investigate competitors

Look at your competitors backlinks and see if you can get links from them, too.

Do outreach

Contact the top influencers, journalists, bloggers, etc. in your specific niche or industry and “pitch” them your content.

Be Authentic

If the content resonates with the influencer, journalist, or blogger, you will get a mention of your brand and typically you’ll earn a link too.

Find “dead” links

Fix and reclaim links with 404 errors with a 301 redirect or request the referring domain to change the link on its page.

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