Priscilla M.

I had no hesitations about working with you. If I’m going to put my business into someone else’s  hands I definitely want that person to present themselves in the manner in which you do. Professional, confident, knowledgeable, dedicated and good persistent work ethics.  I like the fact you are committed to providing your clients with excellence and an unwavering commitment.  You are not too afraid to say that something is out of your area of expertise and have a competent network of professionals to assist you, if needed.  Overall Nerissa is a pleasure to work with she makes you feel relaxed and confident in her abilities. She does not lord her expertise or knowledge over her clients. She has strong determination and along with her confidence you know you have made the right choice.

Foxx Beauty Supply
Priscilla M.Co-OwnerFoxx Beauty SupplyWayne, Michigan

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One Epiphany helps organizations solve business problems using digital or online marketing solutions. Some of our services include social media strategy, website audits, and search engine optimization. Nerissa Marbury is Founder & Chief Digital Marketer of One Epiphany LLC.